True Organic of Sweden

Undercover Agent Unisex Deodorant

  • This roll-on liquid deodorant from Sweden-based True Organic Sweden meets all our criteria for an effective natural-deodorant.

    Made of natural-ingredients? Yes, this deodorant is 99% made of natural ingredients, with the only non-natural ingredient being baking soda.

    Effective? Check - easily takes you through the day and a sweaty exercise sesh. Trust us, we've taken this for multiple test runs.

    Pleasant neutral fragrance - Yes, in fact, this deodorant is unisex with a very subtle fragrance and will work just as well for men! Particularly suited for sensitive noses.

    Non-staining? - YES! Unlike most paste-based natural deodorants, the liquid formula ensures easy absorption and eliminates pesky white embarrassing stains so you can move with ease.

    Packaged in a beautiful, handy and portable glass bottle.