From Molly With Love

Probiotic Deodorant

  • If you are switching to natural products, start with deodorant.

    Drugstore deodorants include nasty and toxic ingredients like aluminum, parabens, triclosan (which is classified as a pesticide by the FDA), phthalates, propylene glycol, and fragrance. We’re putting these harmful ingredients directly near our lymph nodes, and it only takes these chemicals 26 seconds to reach our bloodstream.

    This natural cream deodorant acts as an odor-absorbing, moisturizing antimicrobial. The shea butter & coconut oil base soothes and protects delicate underarm skin. Arrowroot powder and pink Himalayan sea salt absorbs moisture and provides a silky feel. And the cream is perfect for sensitive skin!

    Did you know that sweat doesn’t actually stink?

    Sweat is just a carrier for the bad bacteria that is detoxing through our armpits!

    Switching to natural deodorant is one of the healthiest things you can do. But I always hear complaints, “Natural deodorant just doesn’t work!” That’s why we spent six months tweaking and perfecting the formula. That said, most people go through a “pit detox” when they switch from convention to natural deodorant. This isn’t advertised on the label, so you just assume the deodorant isn’t working.

    But the secret ingredient to our deodorant’s success: Probiotics!

    Just like your gut, your skin has a microbiome. This deodorant works so well because the GOOD bacteria in probiotics keep the bad (smelly) bacteria at bay.

    What you should know: After decades of using store-bought deodorant, it will take some time to adjust. Your armpits may go through a “detox” phase. Don’t worry – it goes away after 2 – 3 weeks. Stick with it. If you keep using it, you’ll find that it works better than OTC deodorants and it restores your pH and health!