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Living Libations - Soothsayer Serum

  • Skin Type:An especially elegant elixir for age or sun spots, sun damage, and premature aging.

    You and your face have been together through all kinds of weather. SoothSayer Serum lets you savor the weather and save face, too.

    The grace of SoothSayer Serum reduces harmful effects of environmental elements on the skin and harmonizes healthy singing cells.

    This skin-serene formula is comprised of regenerative sandalwood, fortifying frankincense, healing rose otto, potent geranium, anti-inflammatory turmeric, toning thyme linalool, balancing carrot seed, and organic golden jojoba.

    Let’s pause for a science moment: Studies reveal that a natural compound found in sandalwood, alpha-santalol, decreased the incidence of skin papillomas and regenerated new, healthy skin cells. Essential oils like sandalwood that are high in monoterpene compounds have been shown to inhibit the mevalonate pathways that contribute to abnormal cell growth and cell proliferation. It reduces the possibility of cell damage, and stimulated proper cell life-cycles. Due to these attributes of sandalwood essential oil, SoothSayer Serum is an especially elegant elixir for age or sun spots, sun damage, and premature aging.


    How To Use:SoothSayer Serum is a lightweight liquid serum. After a freshly cleansed face with a Best Skin Ever (may we suggest Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever), and apply a drop to your palm. Using your fingertips, gently pat the serum into the areas of face and skin that need extra assistance.

    - 30ml


Customer Reviews

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Soothing Serum

The scent is very nice. I like all of living libation products because of the smell. Just apply few drops of the oil and massage it on your face after toning. It helps to skin my skin hydrated and nourish.

did not work for my sensitive and dry skin

When I started using this serum, my skin was especially sensitive with itchy, small red bumps on my dry chin and cheeks, and also had some sun exposure. Unfortunately, it did not really help calm down my skin. I think this is better suited for those with non-sensitive and non-dry skin types. Nevertheless, I find the scent of this serum uplifting, the texture smooth and the fluid easily absorbed. I am giving it 3 stars for now because I'm willing to give it another go when my skin has turned more normal.


I love how it feels in my skin and knowing all the nourishments this serum gives for my skin... And trusting that they are all natural oils..
I use this at night time only, after I cleanse with a BSE and dab zippity. It just works wonders for my overall skin..