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Living Libations - Salt Pipe Inhaler Petite

  • This Salt Inhaler is a positively purifying device that cleanses the entire respiratory system by flushing out allergens and impurities.

    The salt inhaler, also known as a salt pipe, has been featured on the Dr. Oz show and named one of Alternative Medicine’s 2010 Best New Products..

    It is extremely easy to use and we often use it while reading, watching TV or sitting at our desk!

    When you inhale through the mouthpiece, micron particles and beneficial essential oil molecules are absorbed from the salt and penetrate the entire respiratory system, cleansing the sinuses, nasal cavities, throat, and lungs. This inhaler comes with Himalayan Pink Salt, which is known for being incredibly pure and filled with beneficial minerals and bio-energetic properties.

    The salt inhaler works best when used in combination with essential oils known for their powers of respiratory restoration. We love adding Immune Illume to the inhaler. You can also use your own oils of peppermint, frankincense, inula and black spruce oils, eucalyptus, rosemary, Douglas fir, silver fir, white fir or balsam fir to the inhaler.

    As you inhale a blend of purified salt and beautiful essential oils, smoke particulates, allergens, asthma triggers and respiratory irritants are flushed from the body. The salt inhaler is also phenomenal for treating sinus issues and colds, and is great for purifying the breathing process during air travel.

    The salt used in these Salt Inhalers is organic and straight from the foothills of the Himalayan foothills. Himalayan Pink salt is one of the purest salts available for culinary, therapeutic and cosmetic uses. This salt has beautifully formed crystals which range in color and size from off-white to a lustrous pink. Himalayan Pink salt is a pure, hand-mined salt that is derived from ancient sea salt deposits, and it is believed to be the purest form of salt available.

    How To Use: Add your essential oil of choice to the inhaler. We recommend using the inhaler with Immune Illume! Inhale deeply through the mouth and exhale through the nose for 10 to 20 minutes, making it a goal to use the inhaler on at least every other breath. Alternatively, you can practice alternate nostril breathing, holding the inhaler to each nostril and inhaling deeply, while exhaling through the other nostril.

    After doing some experimentation, we have found that the inhaler works wonders when the salt is combined with essential oils. When we first began, we added 10 drops of oil to each inhaler, and found that after two weeks, the aroma benefits were still active. The salt/essential oil combination helps to flush away impurities from your respiratory system in an amazing way.

    - Please view the ‘Product Description‘ tab for more FAQs on the Salt Inhaler