Meli Glow Mask

  • New Formulation!Meli GLOW now has two new beautiful tropical oils in her formulation, Acai and Papaya Oil. We have also increased the amount of Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C in her formulation— making her even more effective at plumping the skin cells, deeply nourishing and brightening the complexion.

    SKIN TYPE: Meli GLOW is suited for all skin types, but is especially beneficial for dry, combination and mature skin.

    Say aloha to a soft, supple and more even-toned complexion with Meli GLOW. She’s our illuminating nectar fusion mask, filled with enzyme and vitamin rich tropical fruits, nutrient dense beauty oils, skin moisturizing and plumping hyaluronic acid and stimulating clays steeped in the creamy fusion of organic Hawaiian nectar.

    Meli works at the molecular level to increase blood circulation and oxygenation. She will deeply nourish and strengthen the barrier of your skin, delivering a bountiful dose of active enzymes and antioxidant rich oils to each cell on your precious face. It's GLOW time

    BENEFITS: Meli GLOW will help to plump the skin cells, deeply nourish and gently exfoliate the skin, helping to promote a more even skin tone while unveiling that 'aloha GLOW'. 

    THE RITUALStart with a clean face. Massage a teaspoon of Meli GLOW Nectar into your skin until evenly distributed. Allow the mask to absorb into your skin for 5-15 minutes and rinse well with warm water. Gently pat your face dry with a clean towel.

    TIP: Meli Glow makes a beautiful morning mask. Spend a minute massaging the nectar into your face allow it to sit for a couple minutes before rinsing clean. Allow a few minutes before applying you day serum and/or makeup.

    • 50 ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews

Ive been trying this out for weeks now and it's completely blown me away. Makes my dull skin look brighter and scars lighter. Not to mention that it smells divine!

A healthy glow to your complexion

This mask does everything, it exfoliates, nourishes, soothe, hydrate and makes your skin glows. I feel it also reduces my pimples. You only need just one use and you can feel the difference it makes to your skin, and the scent of it is heavenly, smells like chocolate with strawberries smoothie with pineapples!

Glowing, beaming, happy complexion

This is my absolute favourite Leahlani's product. It's puzzling how well Leahlani's skincare works so well on my skin. I have combo skin, prone to getting a pimple here and there, slightly contested from time to time but couldn't tolerate traditional AHA, chemical exfoliation products and definitely does not enjoy something foamy or drying. I've found that regular use of mild, natural exfoliators that are also soothing and nourishing, in a wash off formula works so well on me!!! This meli glow mask is everything. I often mix this with Kalima cleansing powder and a bit of water or your favourite face mist to activate Kalima, allowing it to form a nice paste that look and feels like crushed berries, honey, and chocolate with coconut sprinkles on top. The sensory experience is to die for. I've left this on for 30mins without a problem. Remove with warm wet face towel and you'll get the happiest skin in your life. The miracle is that your skin soaks in all the serums and oil like a vacuum cleaner. If you have expensive facial oils or balms, apply immediately after this mask while the skin is still warm and slightly damp. You'll make your serum works harder and to its fullest potential.