Honey Love 3-In-1 Exfoliator

  • SKIN TYPE:The Honey Love works beautifully on all skin types, but is especially beneficial for oily, combo and acne prone skin.

    Softer skin, a more even complexion, less congestion and fewer breakouts? Meet the Honey Love 3-in-1, taking exfoliating your skin to a whole new level. A transformational 3-in-1 cleanser, exfoliator and mask formulated to clarify, oxygenate, hydrate and balance the skin while stimulating cellular renewal.

    The Honey Love is exceptionally concentrated, a tiny dollop goes a long way. Infused with superfood Maqui berry, tonifying Hibiscus, anti inflammatory Noni fruit, stimulating rose clay and soothing Lavender and Chamomile flowers all in the base of organic Hawaiian raw honey. Stirring the jar will activate the corundum crystals, which will gently yet thoroughly exfoliate your skin, leaving your complexion exceptionally soft and supple.

    This beauty will help to clarify the skin, even skin tone and moisturize at the same time. Show your skin some Honey Love, and unveil a radiant and healthy complexion.

    BENEFITS: Honey Love works magic to perfectly exfoliate the skin, revealing a smooth and clear complexion. She will not over-strip your skin, and will help to brighten the complexion while deeply moisturizing.

Customer Reviews

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Leahlani Honey Love 3-In-1 Exfoliator


My skin definitely feels smoother, softer and supple after each use. No new breakouts after and i can clearly see lesser and lesser blackheads! It smells yummy too~ I LOVE my Honey Love!~ ❤️

Great exfoliator!

First Leahlani product I've tried but I'm not tempted to try everything from this line. The smell is wonderful and my skin is much smoother after using.

Wonderful product

I am crazy about every product of leahlani! The after-feeling is really good, not only it smells nice, it does the work too!
It is very concentrated so a little bit goes a long way. It's a very gentle exfoliater and does't make my skin dry.
My skin becomes much softer each time i use it. I will def buy it again!

A sweet spot between exfoliating and nourishing

If you love the concept of chemical exfoliators like AHA, BHA/acid toners but not a fan of the stinging after math it creates sometimes, concern about irritation, sensitivity, over-exfoliation and still appreciate a little gentle physical exfoliation, this mask will be your holy grail! I had been using AHA BHA on cotton pads, applying then right after cleansing (think hospital/medical kind of vibe) and it's a joyless process. This honey love mask is a total game changer. This smells and feels like a potion of honey mixed with crushed berries. It gently exfoliate while nourish your skin beautifully without leaving any film or oily residue. You'll be left with only smooth soft supple and radiant complexion at its prime condition to absorb your serums and facial oil. The corundum crystals are actually the key to giving the skin a gentle exfo when you massage your face with this mask upon application and rinsing off. It's a mineral particles which are in an almost perfectly spherical shape so it doesn't "scratch" and damage the epidermis in any way. It moves and rolls with your palm making it the most pleasant "scrubbing" experience albeit gentle. Not to mention it's also safe for the environment unlike polymer based beads. Awesome!!!!