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Living Libations - Ensorcell Serum

  • Note: Ensorcell Serum was formerly called Cell Serum - new name yet the formula remains the same.

    Skin Type:For stubborn skin imbalances, including sagging skin, loss of elasticity, puffiness and redness, age spots, and uneven skin tone. 

    Ensorcell Serum is the spot-on solution for the stubborn skin imbalances, including sagging skin, loss of elasticity, puffiness and redness, age spots, and uneven skin tone. This super-stimulating liquid serum brings dry, dull, and listless pallor back to life. Ensorcell Serum seeps seamlessly into the skin delivering restorative, concentrated supercritical extracts, fresh pressed lipids, and MSM-infused essential oils.

    Ensorcell Serum is radically renewing and endlessly undoing skin overexposed to environmental elements. It is the go-to elixir for bringing life back to cheeky complexions. This feast for the face begins with a dollop of black cumin seed oil, which softens the appearance roughness and redness. Broccoli seed oil locks in moisture and infuses skin with soothing fatty acids. Golden jojoba drenches and quenches with all soluble forms of vitamin E. The essential oils of seabuckthorn berry, frankincense, cinnamon, chamomile, lavender, turmeric, and immortelle are infused with biologically-active organic sulfur, also known as MSM. It is an essential nutrient for the body and is especially vital for glowing skin. It may benefit the appearance of skin elasticity and flexibility. Turmeric and cinnamon essential oils provide extra potency to this serum. They are well known for their plant power to activate the skin.

    How To Use: It is a lightweight liquid serum. Shake the bottle to combine the MSM crystals which can sometimes settle, and use the dropper to apply a drop to your palm. Using your fingertips, massage the serum onto face and neck and any area of the skin that may need extra assistance. The cinnamon in the Ensorcell Serum makes this Libation feel warm and cause the skin to flush or turn pink for a few minutes, especially after washing the skin with warm water or after hopping out of a hot shower when the pores are more open. If your skin flushes or turns pink and feels warm after using, don’t worry! This is good and normal and right. Super-sensitive people may choose to dilute Ensorcell Serum with a few drops of jojoba or coconut oil before applying. If you are new to Ensorcell Serum, try applying it for the first time at night to see how your skin responds.

    - 30ml

Customer Reviews

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Surprisingly lightweight

It leaves my skin feeling healthier and more glowy. As it’s surprisingly lightweight, I like to use this as a day time moisturizer though I do use it at night from time to time depending on how my skin is feeling. Oh yes, a little goes a long way with this oil; 2 drops are plenty for my face haha :)


I bought cell serum and rose glow serum.The most funny thing is that I put rose glow serum at the back of drawer about 4months and had forgotten this. After my recovery from hormonal acne breakout one week ago, my skin went dry. I slather on cell serum which moist my skin well. While tidying up my drawer few days back, I found rose glow serum which I had been thinking of buying for few weeks. Oh viola,i straight away use the roseglow serum after cell serum. Imagine the result? The combination of both products left me glowing and matte. It reduce my acne scars bit by bit. Amazing. I love this so much.

amazing lightweight moisturiser

I bought this intending to use it for a night serum but was pleasantly surprised to see that is light enough for a day moisturiser. I pat it on lightly and my skin looks healthy and glowing in a natural manner. It also smells good and,..uplifting!