Finally Available - Pick-Your-Own Complimentary Samples! 

Samples may change based on demand + availability so do check back in!

If you do not choose any samples and add them to cart, we will not include any with your order to prevent product wastage.

Product Orders* between $30-$50 : please choose 1 complimentary sample.

Product Orders* between $51-$100 : please choose up to 2 complimentary samples.

Product Orders* above $100 : please choose up to 3 complimentary samples.

*All product orders eligibility exclude shipping costs and are calculated after any discount codes used.

When choosing more than 1 sample, each sample should be unique. Premium samples are equivalent to 2 complimentary samples.

All skincare samples yield 1-3 uses and are made available for you to evaluate effectiveness and skin suitability. If your chosen samples are unavailable, we reserve the right to replace it with an alternate.

All samples are considered gifts and by ordering with us, you agree that we are not obliged to provide them. In the rare event that they arrive damaged, different or mistakenly less than the quantity you had requested, we are unable to replace them, nor are they eligible for any exchanges or refunds.

If you choose more samples than you're eligible for, we will either exclude them completely or pick the right number of samples at random from your request. If you check-out the samples without a purchase, we will cancel your order. 


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